How To Cure Piles With Bananas

How to Cure Piles with a Banana

How to cure piles with bananasOK, this is not what you think..that’s not how to treat painful hemorrhoids.  You eat the banana!  But that is not all.

I was in West Africa as a kid and part of what we did was to clear jungle so we could plant rice to help feed the population.  One hot muggy day we were in the middle of hacking at the thick foliage when a sharp cry rang out.

One of the native workers had missed his mark with his machete and cut deeply into the side of his foot.  Blood was pouring out of the wound.  The man I was working with quickly went over to a small banana plant and cut it down with a quick swing of his knife.

He took the severed plant and squeezed its juice on to the wound; the blood stopped almost immediately. It was amazing, but since then I have found out that the sap of the banana plant is a very strong astringent that will coagulate blood and when applied as a piles treatment, it will shrink them and relieve the itching, burning and pain. This is the basis of the secret about how to cure piles with a banana.

But finding a banana plant when you are suffering from piles is probably not going to happen and even if you could find one, squeezing its juice on your piles could be very problematic.  But there is a place where you can get the astringent found in the banana plant and that is in the banana peel.  If you crush up the peel of a banana and place it directly on your pile, you will shrink your piles and relieve your discomfort.

How to Cure Piles Eating a Banana

What do you do with the rest of the Banana?  Eat it!  Bananas, when eating, will shrink hemorrhoids by a process called osmosis.  This helps relieve the pain, burning and discomfort and is how to cure piles fast. In fact there are many foods that help cure piles.  

So when you apply the crushed banana peels externally and then eat the banana you hit you piles from both sides: internally and externally.

Not only is this how to cure piles, it is also how to avoid secondary infections from piles because the banana peels are also a natural anti bacterial agent.

One word of caution, bananas can cause constipation of they are eaten in large quantities and constipation

how to cure piles

adversely effects piles.  Still, the benefits on how to cure piles with bananas far outweigh the small risk of constipation.

.So that is how to cure piles with a banana—not as bad as you first thought, I bet!  BTW getting a good old fashioned mortar and pestle will greatly help in preparing the banana peel…or you could just use a food processor.

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