Home Cure For Piles: Food

Half of all Americans will suffer from piles before they reach the age of 50. I won’t take the time to explain what piles are since you are reading this website your are probably already acquainted with them. What you want is a home cure for piles.

I am going to suggest a course of action that will cure your piles, help you avoid drastic medical treatments like rubber bands being put around your piles or worse yet: surgery!

A Good Home Cure For Piles

A good home cure for piles starts with what you eat. After all what is coming out of you is directly related to what went in and what comes out of you has a lot to do with why you suffer from piles.

home cure for pilesHere are the basic changes you need to make to your diet in order to cure your piles at home. Start by cutting way back on caffeine or eliminating it all together. If you must have it, only use it to wake up and get started in the morning. This is because caffeine is a diuretic which means it removes liquid from your body’s tissues. This can result in dry stools which in turn rough up the tender tissues in your colon and anus. That is why a home cure for piles starts with eliminating diuretics.

Beer and other alcoholic drinks are also diuretics and cutting back on those is also part of an excellent home cure for piles.

Home Cure For Piles Includes Fiber

home-cure-for-pilesDietary fiber keeps stool soft and that means your bowel movements will not be cheese grating your anal tissues and you won’t be straining every time you go. This will greatly reduce the pressure on the veins in your colon and anus.

Eat 30 grams of fiber a day by eating high fiber foods like those found here you will be well on to your way to a home cure for piles that will be permanent.

Look, it can be hard to eat enough high-fiber foods in order to get 30 grams of fiber, so do not hesitate to buy supplementary dietary fiber. You can get it in powder, bill, or liquid form and it virtually has no effect on the taste of the food you add it to.

Bread For Piles

Make sure all the bread, cereals, and baked goods you eat are made of 100% whole grain. This will help you avoid piles and should be a part of any good home cure for piles.

Before we leave this subject, no home cure for piles would be complete without mentioning water. Getting enough is so important. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and take a little virgin olive oil each day.

If you follow this home cure for piles, not only will piles become a thing of the past, but you will experience other positive health side-effects.

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